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Truckers Income & Tax Accounting Services Titas


  Founder: Shawn Moret


  As a trucker's daughter from the Midwest, I have many years of experience in

  handling the tax preparation for my family's business. I feel that many truckers

  have not been made aware of all of the deductions which they are entitled to.

  I have in-depth knowledge of this business and make sure that my clients receive

  every break they can get.


  We can efficiently handle the set-up of your own authority, all of your IFTA

  reporting, monthly bookkeeping service, your complete State and Federal Tax

  returns and trip planning assistance.


  Every return gets a personal review to make sure it is 100% accurate before

  it is presented.  We also track our clients each month so they have easy access

  to their financial status as well as complete storage for all your records and


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